Joey Rauckis and Cortney Gail have been in the acoustic circuit for some time. 'Rauckis Music' is influenced by jazz, soul, blues, and rock. If the tune doesn't emote feeling, then there is no point to the song. Making connections and playing out every chance they get in the greater Columbus area, is what they're known for. Both Cortney and Joey were born and raised in Ohio; she a student of OSU, and he Capital University. Part of Columbus' diverse community, they currently reside in Grandview. They are looking to expand their rig this year (Keys, drums/cajón, & bass).

With collaborations from Jeff Straw, Ben Johnson, & Jake Levy, 'The First' E.P. was released in April 2016. It was recorded by sound engineer Brandon Maclean at Oranjudo, and mastered by Chris Graham.This is the first step in the long awaited recording and release of their original music. Their second E.P. is set to release in 2017.

n her personal life, Cortney battles Crohn's Disease and is chronically ill. Her outlook is positive and is actively searching for remission from her symptoms. Even though she has had many battles, she is driven to never let it stop her from following her aspirations. She wants to show other sufferers that anything is possible, and spread awareness to all about chronic & invisible illnesses.




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