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NOW OPEN: The Goat Pflugerville, TX

Your place to connect morning to night.

The Goat is a lively social gathering place dedicated to bringing people together all day long. From early morning meetings, to work time with coffee and breakfast, to shared meals and drinks, to late nights filled with games, laughter and fun with friends the Goat is the place to be to feel connection and belonging!

Morning Ritual

Espresso yourself and kickstart your day at Morning Ritual by The Goat at LC New Albany, LC RiverSouth, LC Gahanna, LC Brier Creek and LC SoBro! Get your caffeine fix with a latte or cold brew and grab some house made biscuits to keep you going. We'll fit right in with your morning routine, whether you're on your way to work or meeting friends for a tasty breakfast.

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Stay Connected

Opt-in to push notifications on the app and receive updates on events, menu specials, live music, and more! Get up and running with push notifications from the Goat with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Open the Goat Mobile App - Select "Allow All Notifications"

  2. Change Preferences - Head to the drop down menu and select "Account", then select "Change Preferences"

  3. Choose Your Location - Click the Location drop down to select your preferred location and check which notifications you'd like to receive!

Easy Ordering

Order through the app and enjoy free LC resident delivery and curbside pickup from The Goat and Morning Ritual.

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