Sarah Martin is a small town girl originally from Lakeville, Massachusetts. "A tiny girl with a big voice”, Sarah can sing a Patsy Cline ballad just as well as she can belt out a Janis Joplin or Miranda Lambert tune. From joining her first band in seventh grade, to pursuing her own solo career in 2013, Sarah has spent over 15 years learning and growing in the music business.

Since pursing her solo career, Sarah has booked several radio appearances, performing both cover songs and original material, hosted her own open mic nights, and performered over 1500 shows. Some notable performances include The Lansdowne Pub and Loretta's Last Call in Boston, McCoy Stadium in Rhode Island, TV show’s American Pickers’ store Antique Archaeology, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, and the World Famous Tootsie's Orchid Lounge.

Currently, Sarah is pursuing music full time in Nashville, Tennessee playing many different venues and holding a residency three nights a week at The Row Kitchen & Pub in Midtown, which is voted "Nashville's Top Free Music Venue". Sarah released her first single and music video for her original “Bottle of Whiskey” in May of 2016, followed by the release of her first All Acoustic CD in July of 2016. The CD is eight tracks inspired by the true stories of Sarah's experiences in the year leading up to her Nashville move.

In 2018, Sarah is in the studio, preparing for the release of her first full production project- a nine song all original album inspired by true events since her move to Nashville. Recording down in Wedowee, Alabama, Sarah is excited to work with big names that have made their mark in the industry over the years such as Roger Hammett. Being a Alabama Hall of Fame inductee himself, Roger has worked with many big artists such as Charlie Daniels, Johnny Paycheck, Kansas, Grandpa Jones of Hee Haw, Willie Nelson, and many others. Sarah will be releasing the names of musicians working on her album every Monday.

As a singer songerwiter, Sarah enjoys writing honest country music with a story that will either tug at your heart strings or just make you laugh. As a cover artist, Sarah has prepared over 18 hours of material by many artists including: The Beatles, Martina McBride, Bare Naked Ladies, CCR, Janis Joplin, Alanis Morissette, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, and even a little Salt N' Pepa.With her diverse repetoire, easy going personality, and years of experience, Sarah can play a coffee house setting just as well as she can play a rowdy bar crowd, or a big stage. .

Having moved to Nashville in September of 2015, Sarah Martin is excited to be pursuing her career as a songwriter and original artist. She is establishing a name for herself in music city, often being described as "a power-house vocalist". A small town girl, Sarah is determined to tackle her big dreams and bring story-telling back to the country music industry. Look out for her new album set to be released in 2018 and be sure to check out her 8-song all original acoustic CD available on ITunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, and Amazon out now.


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