Brian Douglas Day is a full-time performer, singer-songwriter, recording artist, and the former frontman of Athens, OH-born, pop-rock band, Yellow Light Maybe (2005-2011).


After writing and recording four popular records with Yellow Light Maybe, Brian has moved on to enjoy a successful solo career. Recently, he's proud to have independently released 2 EPs: My Mountain (2015) and Rookie (2017). With no signs of slowing down, Brian's desire to write and record the music he loves never wavers. He is currently working on his 7th studio project and hopes to have it released in the Spring of 2018.


With six original albums, and nearly 1,200 shows under his belt, the Columbus, OH based artist can regularly be found entertaining in central Ohio and surrounding regions.


At his acoustic shows, in addition to his original music, you can expect to enjoy truly unique arrangements of a vast library of popular music that ranges from the 50s to today. Brian encourages his audience to make requests, as his library of music includes over 400 songs and counting.


Want to check him out beforehand? Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy:

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