Nashville-based songwriter and "total master of the loop pedal" (Adrian Bischoff, KZSU). Over the past two decades, Miller has developed his own brand of looping, weaving deft musicianship and skillful wordcraft into songs with weight and impact. The result is a compelling live show full of infectious music that includes elements of rock, pop, folk, and jazz. His music has been used by Napster and CBS Sports. Aaron Jentzen of the Pittsburgh City Paper writes, "armed with only an acoustic guitar, Jeff Miller uses looping pedals to create rhythm tracks, backing vocals, extra guitar parts -- all live, all on the fly. Fortunately, Miller's not just some gearhead, but a talented songwriter with a strong, clear voice." His latest full-length album, Loops, was based on his popular YouTube series, "Loop of the Week", and features legendary guitarist and looping pioneer Phil Keaggy.

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