Kristen Foreman is an American Singer/Songwriter from Lafayette La.

Being from the heart of cajun country, she was exposed to a rich culture and early on in life those close to her knew she was destined for a career in the music industry. Recently, Foreman has worked on the upcoming release of her first eleven song album 'Feather Tattoo' of which she penned herself. Her album was recorded at the famous Dockside Studios in Maurice, LA and produced by Grammy winning producer, Tony Daigle. Although those around her knew that young Ms. Foreman would be musical, she didn't know for herself until she was a freshman in college. She was at a Lafayette establishment watching local singers when opportunity came knocking on her door. They asked her to sing and what happened next, some would call destiny. The crowd was small, maybe three or four patrons, but the connection was strong.

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