a day that will live on in the hearts of all those who love classic 90's rock and pop music, you can be sure.  It was on this day that lead guitarist Mike W. decided he had to start a 90's era cover band. While our country was celebrating its independence, Mike resolved to celebrate his musical indepedence and break free from the confines of the traditional local music scene.  He wanted a band that played a set nobody was playing--but everyone wanted to hear.

And so, Mike turned to his cat, LD (short for Lil' Debbie, or Lil' Deborah when she tries to get into the garage) and said "it's time to find some bandmates."  LD said "meow" in approval--as one might expect.  Mike recruited his brother in music, JT, and found JB and Sam through what can only be described as divine intervention.  The Wet Bandits were born. Though it took until almost 2014 to set the lineup, once the band was together the gigs came calling, and at the start of February of 2014 the quest for world domination was on.  

In late 2014 the Bandits added perpetual Ohio State student and fellow cat lover Danny C.  He sings, plays guitar, keys, and this weird guitar/mandolin thing that we have dubbed, naturally, the "mandar".  Come check out this weird thing sometime.



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