“What kind of sound could fill this silence?” George Barrie sang in the midst of a  Brothers Drake concert headlined by his namesake band. It didn’t take long for the trio of players backing the singer/guitarist to craft a response, locking into a blues-rock swing awash in jazzy keyboard fills, rubbery bass and steady, rhythmic drumming.

Barrie, a longtime member of soul/funk crew MojoFlo, stepped out on his own for this EP release show (a full-length is currently in process and should see daylight sometime next year), though the quartet’s songs tended to avoid solitude, instead tracing the romantic battles between would-be and former lovers. Over the course of the evening, the frontman challenged a paramour to do their worst (“Cause your worst is still better than all the rest”), described a relationship as a trial-worthy offense (“This love’s a crime of the first degree”) and soaked up the words “I love you” like so much wine on the faith-restoring “I Believe.”

Barrie will be joining us as a solo acoustic artist, and we are thrilled to have him.


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