In 2017, Caleb played the Grand Ole Opry preshow in Nashville. As well as the Tailgate party at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. Caleb was nominated for best Americana and roots musician as well as best acoustic act in 2018 by the Arkansas Country Music Awards. Caleb Ryan Martin has, according to one reviewer, "a lonesome voice and rhythm that can at times invoke a lonesome ramblin' man sound, a voice that will haunt you with some type of mysterious mountain holler sound, like a banshee singing in the nether woods." Caleb Ryan Martin, an acoustic bluegrass, folk and roots musician hailing from the hills of Tennessee. Looking like a man from leaner and meaner times, Caleb has traveled and played music all across the United States, singing with expressive vocals, playing guitar, and frailing the banjo providing people with melodic medicine. Caleb currently averages 200 shows a year, with no sign of slowing down.


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