Vanessa Darien is a hard-bitten lyricist with a flare for Americana Folklore. But Americana is not just an imagined theme for Vanessa, but something she has been strongly rooted in since a young age. Hailing from Weatherford, TX, Vanessa was raised in a home which also functioned as her father John's machine shop; it was in this shop Vanessa would become well versed in some of the finest American Roots music. From a junkyard of rusted cars, and a cast of characters both eclectic and eccentric, this Southern upbringing would lay the foundation for Vanessa's future in songwriting.

Vanessa has spent the past several years playing across Texas, from dusty beer joints to theater venues and everywhere in-between. In her travels, she has shared the stage with many artists including Uncle Lucius, Mike McClure, John Fullbright, Ian Moore, Cody Canada & The Departed, and Johnathan Tyler.

Apart from solo writing and works, Vanessa has also established many musical friendships and collaborations, with writing partners Joey Green, Maren Morris, Steven Cooper, and Ryan Michael of The Roomsounds. With a tight-knit group of musicians, and the help of producer/musician Beau Patrick Bedford, Vanessa has just completed a 6 song EP of new material entitled "Silent Sparrow" which was released June 3rd, 2014.

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